Build Self Confidence ? Put Your Child in Wrestling

Building self-confidence in children with wrestling.
Building self-confidence in children with wrestling.


Self confidence is vital to a child?s future success. ?Wrestling builds confidence and raises self-esteem.?? Does your child act shy or timid in social situations?? Does your child act out?? Does your child let other kids bully him/her?

I was one of those kids.? The best thing my father ever did for me was to put me in the great sport of wrestling. ?It is my opinion that kids who wrestle grow into confident adults.

If you want to raise confident children, then put your kids in wrestling. Let?s discuss how wrestling will improve the self confidence of your child.

Building Self Confidence with Wrestling

How does wrestling build self confidence?? There are so many positive aspects of wrestling that will help raise a confident child.? In this post I will try to cover a few of the top reasons to put your kid in wrestling.

Self Discipline

Wrestling teaches self discipline. ?For the most part, wrestling is an individual sport.? An individual improves in the sport by applying self-discipline.? The term ?self discipline? really means self control. ?Self discipline is an important skill set to improve self confidence.

This means a wrestler shows perseverance and restraint.? Self discipline teaches a wrestler to think before they act? to continue on the right path even when life throw you obstacles.

Stay Calm in Adversity

Wrestling builds self confidence by teaching wrestlers to overcome adversity. This means that wrestlers realize when they are in a stressful situation, but because of their training, they stay calm and focused.? Your child will face adversity throughout their entire life.

How to Handle Victories

Wrestling teaches your child to train hard to win wrestling matches.? That is an incredible feeling to know that you won a difficult wrestling match because of how hard you worked.? I also believe that wrestling teaches you to handle those victories with humility.

How to Handle Losses

Have you ever heard the term that successful people failed more than they were successful?? This means that most people were not successful at their first attempt of trying something.? Wrestling teaches you to take your losses and learn from them.? As a wrestler, your child will learn to pick them selves up, learn from? their mistakes and keep trying.

Wrestlers Grow into Confident Adults

I?ve known a lot of wrestlers and almost every wrestler I?ve known have grown into successful and confident adults.? They are also one of the top people in their profession.? The wrestlers I?ve known have careers such as fire fighters, coaches, lawyers, engineers, and doctors.? In my opinion wrestling played a huge part to help them become what they are today.

Forbes wrote an article that talks about Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees.? It talks about how athletes have an advantage over non-athletes in the work force.? It goes on to say that wrestlers have a greater advantage over other athletes.

Great Self Confidence Video

Self confidence is a skill that is needed in life as well as sports. ?Dr. Joseph explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics, but in our lives. It is a great video with almost 4 million views. Check it out.