Well, it?s officially wrestling season and we?re in the thick of it? that means many things to many people? two of the things it means to me are less sleep for myself and our staff with long nights of film review and practice planning and early mornings with team lifts and weigh-ins! 

It also means I need to be super-efficient with my time. You guys would all be proud of me: I?m writing this to you at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning as we travel up to North Rockland for their dual meet tournament and 5 chances for our guys to get better today! 

Don?t get me wrong, I?m not complaining - I love it! (and the cup of coffee I just finished should hopefully help me stave off any spelling or grammatical mistakes!) 

So let?s get to it! 


Just in time for the holidays!

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Competition Update

Alright, so let?s get down to it? a lot to talk about here, so I?ll just give you a little bit to digest for now...

We kicked off our competitive slate last Saturday at the Horace Greeley duals. We got four great matches against Warwick Valley, Greeley, Washingtonville and Mamaroneck. Like most of our December tournaments, we look at these events mostly as developmental. Let?s be honest: we care a lot more about developing our guys to win Section and State titles not the Horace Greeley duals (no offense to our Horace Greeley Quaker friends!).

We chose to bring 8 guys on our roster and, man, they did not disappoint!

A quick recap:

99 - We entered freshman Jack Novarro in his first career varsity action and he looked great. Jack wrestled twice, going 1-1 on the day but showing a tenacity that?s rare in freshmen. He?s not afraid to pull the trigger on his shots and he moves well on bottom, both areas that aren?t always a given for our rookies. Great debut for Jack.

120 - Miles Teperman was the other freshmen we brought with us. Mild-mannered Miles has a little bit of a mean streak on the mat and it showed his first time out. I don?t think many wrestlers in Section 1 are going to be fans of Miles?s vicious front headlock? they?re loss, our gain. Miles picked up his first career varsity win and showed a lot of promise. When we get his offense clicking a bit more he?ll be hard to stop.

126 - Senior Andy Williams not only managed to go a perfect 4-0 on the day, but also earned the Edgemont E-Club Athlete of the Week honors from his performance. Andy is much improved physically, technically and mentally and it was all on display at Greeley. Most notably, in his Washingtonville match, Andy was in a tight third period battle with a tough opponent who started getting a little chippy with his hand fighting. Andy maintained his composure like the seasoned veteran he is and finished the match strong. Can?t say that kind of discipline was always in Andy?s arsenal so we?re super proud of the development! Now we just need to shore up that sprawl defense a bit!

138 - Sophomore Nicky Meglino had a great day for the Panthers as well. He went 3-1 including a great win over a very tough opponent from Greeley. If it weren?t for a bit of a mental lapse against Mamaroneck I?d be talking to you about our undefeated sophomore. Other than that, Nicky looked great on his feet, with a lot of motion, set-ups and fakes, keeping his opponent?s off guard. When we get his turns clicking better on top, expect to see him racking up some points.

145 - Senior George Mellor gave us his text book first tournament performance slow start? fire finish? I could set my watch each year by George?s slow starts at our first tournament. Luckily for us (and not so much for our competition) it?s the end of the season that counts, and George has shined their finishing 5th, 3rd and 2nd in the Section in three tries. We give George a hard time about this stuff, but the truth is he got tougher and tougher throughout the day, finishing at 3-1 and racking up a ton of points in the process.

152 - Senior Zeke Cohen also got off to a great start. Zeke has a motor and a huge gas tank to power it. His sweep single is dangerous, he gets good pressure on top and moves on bottom. Zeke won our team Bout of the Week for last week for his work against Mamaroneck, where he was absolutely relentless on top and eventually earned the fall for us. We just need to tighten up Zeke?s riding so he gets even more effective on top without putting himself in any vulnerable positions.

182 - Cliffton Wang did Cliff things. Nobody at his weight class could touch him. He went 4-0 with three pins and a 14-point major decision while bumping up to 195. Luckily our coaches can still give him tough go?s in our wrestling room (even if I have to dust off my wrestling shoes from time to time).

195 - Mikey Schwartz is back in our line-up after a three-year hiatus at Iona Prep. It?s great to have Mikey back for his senior year and watch him surprise guys with his upper body stuff and his tough leg riding? you don?t see much of that at this weight class. Excited to see him continue improving with it. He?s podium material for us.

We also wrestled four duals this past week against Ardsley, Irvington, Nanuet and Croton and are wrestling five more today. You?ll have to stay tuned for our next post for more on that.

He doesn?t look that mean!

Congrats to our own senior and captain Cliffton Wang for being named to the LoHud Mean 15 ? the top 15 pound-for-pound wrestlers to watch in Section 1!

Check it out here:

LoHud Preview

Last but not least? thought we?d leave you with our LoHud team preview. Including some quotes from our good-looking, well-spoken head coach.

Check it out here:

Enjoy! We?ll talk to you next week.

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Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling