LoHud Wrestling Blog: D2 Section 1 Dual Meet final ? Nanuet at Edgemont

From the LoHud Wrestling Blog.

Posted by: Vincent Mercogliano on Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 4:30 pm.

Since I?ve been able to establish an internet connection at Edgemont HS, I?ll be live blogging for the Division 2 Section 1 Dual Meet final between the Panthers and defending section champ Nanuet. As you all know, this is a matchup that has been anticipated all offseason. The winner will be the clear-cut favorite for a D2 section title.

Just remember to refresh the page every so often for updates. We?re set to start at 126 pounds.

126?Chris Lowery (Na) vs. Will Graybeal (Ed)

1st period: Graybeal is in control with a 7-0 lead.
2nd period: Graybeal is building the lead; it?s up to 11-0 after a near fall. Lowery managed to slip out of bounds before getting pinned? 13-0 after two.
3rd period: Graybeal gets the technical fall 13 seconds into the final period.
Final result: Graybeal by tech. fall, 15-0? Edgemont 5, Nanuet 0

132?Matt Dillon (Na) vs. Colin Hopkins (Ed)

1st period: Dillon takes a 5-0 lead.
2nd period: 8-0 Dillon.
3rd period: Hopkins fights to avoid the pin. Dillon wins, 10-0. I got that one on video.
Final result: Dillon by maj. dec., 10-0? Edgemont 5, Nanuet 4

138 ?Jon Spiegel (Na) vs. Peter Berman (Ed)

1st period: I?ll have to get more details, but it doesn?t look like Nanuet?s Anthony Calvano is here. Changes your entire lineup when you take out your best wrestler?Berman is up 5-0 after one.
2nd period: Berman up 9-2. He?s controlling things on the ground.
3rd period: Berman gets the pin at 5:25. Big points pick up for the Panthers.
Final result: Berman pin at 5:25? Edgemont 11, Nanuet 4

145 ?Jazz Saraquro (Na) vs. Jack McCormack (Ed)

1st period: Even though Saraquro is not always a regular in the Golden Knights? lineup, he hung tough in the first. It?s 0-0.
2nd period: McCormack starts the period with an escape. Finishes with a big takedown in the final five seconds. It?s 3-0.
3rd period: McCormack wins by decision, 5-0. Nice job by Saraquro to avoid giving up more than three points.
Final result: McCormack by decision, 5-0? Edgemont 14, Nanuet 4.

152 ?Cody Fitzgerald (Na) vs. Ross Kantor (Ed)

1st period: Kantor is up 4-0 after one.
2nd period: Fitzgerald took Kantor to the ground and appeared to have a good shot at the pin, but Kantor escaped. This one is going back and forth now? Until Kantor ended it with a pin with four seconds remaining in the period.
Final result: Kantor pin at 3:56? Edgemont 20, Nanuet 4.

160?Mike Buhlmann (Na) vs. Oliver Oks (Ed)

1st period: 2-0 Buhlmann after a takedown in the final 10 seconds… Oks appears to have hurt his right knee. He had meniscus surgery recently. He used all of his injury time, but decided to continue. No more stoppage time will be allowed.
2nd period: Injury default after 24 seconds. Oks is really having trouble moving around. I?ll have more on him later.
Final result: Buhlmann by inj. default at 2:24? Edgemont 20, Nanuet 10.

170?Peter Smith (Na) vs. Chris Kim (Ed)

1st period: It?s 0-0 after one. This is a big swing match.
2nd period: Smith has a 1-0 lead after an escape to begin the period.
3rd period: Smith gets the pin with 24 seconds remaining. Big pickup for Nanuet.
Final result: Smith pin at 5:36? Edgemont 20, Nanuet 16.

182?Kevin Brundage (Na) vs. None

Final result: Brundage by forfeit? Nanuet 22, Edgemont 20.

195 ?Sergio Ventura (Na) vs. None

Final result: Ventura by forfeit? Nanuet 28, Edgemont 20

220 ?Dan Breit (Na) vs. Daniel Kornberg (Ed)

1st period: Great decision by Nanuet coach Carmine Serra to bump Breit up to 220 and try to take a win away from Edgemont? Breit has a 2-1 lead after one.
2nd period: Breit takes a 4-3 lead.
3rd period: Kornberg is trying to take shots to make up some points, but to no avail. Breit holds on for the 7-4 win.
Final result: Breit by decision, 7-4? Nanuet 31, Edgemont 20.

285?Josh Nelson (Na) vs. None

Final result: Nelson by forfeit? Nanuet 37, Edgemont 20.

99 ?Joe Dillon (Na) vs. Kyle Aslanian (Ed)

1st period: Dillon beat Kyle?s older brother Tyler Aslanian via pin in the section semis last season, then Tyler beat Dillon by decision over the weekend at the North Rockland tourney? Both Tyler and Trey Aslanian are out sick, so Kyle is taking this spot? Dillon makes quick work with a 16-second pin.
Final result: Dillon pin at :16? Nanuet 43, Edgemont 20.

106?Vincent Skokos (Na) vs. None

Final result: Skokos by forfeit? Nanuet 49, Edgemont 20.

113?Eric Boyle (Na) vs. Rikesh Mistry (Ed)

1st period: Mistry picks up the pin at 1:17.
Final result: Mistry pin at 1:17? Nanuet 49, Edgemont 26.

120?Chris Morato (Na) vs. Max Abramsky (Ed)

1st period: Abramsky ends things with a pin at :54.
Final result: Abramsky pin at :54.
FINAL SCORE: Nanuet 49, Edgemont 32.