Quick Thanks for a Great Weekend from Coach Jacobson!

Cliffton Wang – 3rd in NYS!

Just walked in the door after driving back from Albany and the NY State Championships. By this point, I’m sure most of you have seen how we fared on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll certainly be writing again to talk a bit more about that but right this second I felt I really needed to thank a lot of people for such a tremendous weekend and really didn’t want to wait!

First, I need to thank our coaching staff. We have the best coaches and role models in New York State: Bill Magner, Matt Lee, Manny Alayon, John Marsh, David Rice, Mike Mitchell, Jedd Chesterson, Timmy Hopkins, Derek Grant, Rob Breitenbach. They are the reason our program is where it is. These guys work TIRELESSLY, most on a volunteer-basis, for no other reason than to help our student-athletes achieve their dreams. You guys have no idea how much we all appreciate what you do. This weekend was no different – scouting, filming, warming our guys up, whatever it took, you guys made it happen. Thank you!

My awesome wife, Katie, who helped coordinate so much of our “operation” yesterday and has been so supportive of our wrestlers (and her husband) all season and this weekend. I love you!

Of course, Kyle and Cliff who both showed so much heart and fight this weekend, it was inspiring. While both fell short of their ultimate goal of becoming NY State Champions, both became tougher, stronger and better as young men and athletes this weekend. Kyle battled in every match and capped off a stellar career that included All-State Honors and over 100 career victories. Our loss next year is NYU’s gain. Cliff lost in a controversial overtime match in the quarter’s and then battled back to win 4 straight matches to take 3rd in NYS! So incredibly proud of both of them.

Thanks to Hunter Moore and Surmed Khan for making the trip up to Albany to support Kyle and Cliff. What awesome teammates and great members of our program! They showed they truly understand our program’s core values.

Thanks to our parents, of course the Aslanian’s and the Wang’s, but all of the others, as well, who have been so supportive of our program and our wrestlers all season.

Thanks to our AD, Anthony DeRosa, who, in his first year, has done so much to support our kids and our program. I wish everyone could see what goes into it behind the scenes and how much help he’s been.

Finally, thank you to our amazing alumni and fan base. Your support over the year has been humbling and motivating for our wrestlers, our coaches and myself. Your emails, your Facebook comments, your attendance at our matches all speak volumes. I feel like everyday I have another story to tell our wrestlers about an alumni who reached out with their support and encouragement.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when so many people work so selflessly toward a common goal.

I’m very grateful that we’ve had wrestlers qualify for the State Championships every year for the past 10 years. That’s a rare feet in it’s own right that puts us among the elite of wrestling programs. I’m also grateful to have coached 10 wrestlers to All-State Honors over those years. I’m very fortunate to be part of such a special program. Thanks again.

More updates soon!

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