Top 3 Reasons to Wrestle Freestyle and Greco-Roman


By?Daryl Weber

1.??Find the Best Competition

The information in this article is nothing new. ?Like I mentioned earlier, this is the path the best wrestlers have been on for decades. ?The best wrestlers and teams will be at off-season FS and GR tournaments and that is who you want to compete against if you desire a State Championship. ?This makes my point relevant everywhere. ?No matter what level your state is at if you are training to beat the best you are preparing to be a State Champion. ?If you are on the state, regional and national FS and GR circuit you will probably be separating yourself from the pack.

2. ?Sharpen Folksytle Techniques

Most of the Folkstyle fundamentals it takes to be a State Champion are very important in FS & GR. ?Striving to be successful in FS & GR will solidify the techniques and strategies that are?essential?in Folkstyle.

Top 5 Folkstyle Techniques and Strategies Sharpened in FS & GR

  1. Finish shots quick and preferably on the feet.
  2. Control opponent and learn to use edge of the mat.
  3. Clearing out of Front Headlocks
  4. How to use a Tight Waist?effectively
  5. Improve Hand Fighting Skills

And many more?

3. Master The Art of Winning Close Matches

FS & GR matches are actually 2 to 3 small matches within one.? The fact that it is easier to score on your opponent forces you to be sharp at all times.? If you tech-fall your opponent in the first period you have to get up again immediately for the second period, because the scoring for that period starts from 0 all over again.? If you lose the first period by anything but a pin you are still in the match.? During the high school season, I talk with my wrestlers frequently about breaking your opponent.? The key to breaking your opponent is scoring points.? In a Folkstyle match, the wider the point spread the easier it gets to score points.? When your opponent feels the match is getting away from him, he just doesn?t fight as hard.? In FS & GR it is much harder to break your opponent and he is more likely to come at you hard the entire time.? This is because the score is reset for each period and opponents know they can score a lot of points quickly.? This leads to wrestlers knowing that they have to be ready at all times, and likewise, that if you have a lead it is never safe to shutdown.? Wrestlers who compete in a lot of highly competitive FS & GR matches learn to control their opponent, hand fight, stay in great position, and wrestle tough the entire match.? These skills will take your Folkstyle to a completely different level and you will learn to?master the art of winning close matches.? The Folkstyle wrestlers who win State Titles and other big matches win the close matches.? There is no better training ground to winning close matches then FS & GR matches.