What is Panther Tough?

What is Panther Tough?

?Building Champions on the mat and in life.?

That?s our program?s goal. We accomplish this goal through constant reinforcement of our Panther Tough philosophy.

So what is Panther Tough?

The idea of Panther Tough embodies the qualities and values that develop Edgemont wrestlers into Champions on the mat and in life.

Panther Tough student-athletes consistently make choices and take actions that develop these values. When our student-athletes do these things, we say they?re ?Feeding The Panther.?

Panther Tough Core Values

  • Improvement ? constant focus on effort and getting better everyday
  • Embrace failure as a necessary step on the road to success.
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome. Control what you can control.
  • Today, be better than yesterday. Tomorrow, be better than today.
  • There is no ?I can?t...? unless it?s followed by ?...yet. But I will.?
  • Accountability ? be the person everyone knows they can depend on
  • Take ownership ? no excuses, no finger-pointing, no blame.
  • Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it.
  • Be a finisher ? finish what you start?no quitting.
  • Always compete with class and sportsmanship.
  • Your actions express your priorities.
  • Family ? recognize you?re part of something bigger than yourself ? ?It?s not about you.?
  • Respect each other and your differences.
  • Always serve and always protect your teammates.
  • Offer support before criticism.
  • No such thing as ?it?s not my job.?
  • Habits ? consistency is the key to success
  • Consistency is the number one key to success in anything ? there is NEVER a shortcut.
  • Practice is everything. Be there everyday.
  • Every single day/rep matters.
  • Your habits dictate your ceiling.
  • Joy ? enjoy the sport, embrace the process, love each other
  • Love the process. Show it with your energy level.
  • Enjoy our time together.
  • Take a second to appreciate the journey. Know that the best is yet to come.
  • Always express gratitude.

Edgemont Wrestling works to develop student-athletes who always strive for excellence, never settling for mediocrity.

Success is not defined by victories or defeats but rather by personal growth and the continual effort to reach one?s potential on the mat and off. This mission is accomplished through a rigorous program, exacting standards, and a dedicated coaching staff that embodies these ideals.

Please feel free to use our #PantherTough and #FeedThePanther hashtags on your social media accounts when posting about the program!

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