2011-2012 Edgemont Wrestling Season Preview

Sophomore Chris Kim is back looking to improve on last year’s
4th place Sectional finish

As we head in to our first weekend of competition, I wanted to take a moment to give our fans a little preview of the team this year. We have 12 returning sectional place finishers, so I figured we?d start with a little run down on each of them.

Trey Aslanian ? Junior Trey Aslanian returns after a sophomore campaign that saw him win his second Sectional Title and finish as runner-up at the NYS Championships. Trey has worked really hard in the off-season and really raised his technical level. His All-American finish at Freestyle Junior Nationals shows the gains he?s made. Expect him to be back on the podium in Albany come February, hopefully this time on the top step at 113 lbs.

Sky Korek ? Sky Korek also returns for his junior season having put in a lot of work in the spring, summer and fall after his 2nd place finish at Sectionals at 96 lbs last year.? Korek has really grown and will be a huge 106 pounder and probably the strongest in his weight class in NYS (He just deadlifted 300 lbs!). We expect big things from Sky this year and also expect him to be on many podiums.

Jack McCormack ? Our other section finalist last year, Junior Jack McCormack, is back and looking far-improved. His leg attacks have developed and finishes are much better, couple this with his already excellent mat wrestling skills on both the top and bottom and Jack is looking more and more like the complete wrestler everyday. We expect him to continue fine-tuning his technique as the season progresses and really make a name for himself. We expect to see Jack at 145 pounds for most of the season.

Tyler Aslanian ? Tyler Aslanian is one year younger than Trey but has really made some big gains this past off season to help close the gap. As freshman, he finished 3rd in the section at 96 lbs. Now a year older, smarter and stronger he will still be down at our lowest weight class with a section title on his mind. His fundamentals have made big improvements in the past 9 months and it should really show in the post-season. Tyler will be back at 99 lbs this season.

Colin Hopkins ? When Colin Hopkins stepped on the mat for the first round of Sectionals last year and quickly took down and pinned his opponent in the first 30 seconds of the match the opposing coach asked me, ?Who is that kid??? He went on to take 3rd in the section, losing only to eventual state champ Ryan Osleeb. I would imagine the days of people in the wrestling world not knowing Colin Hopkins are numbered. We expect big things from him this season at either 126 or 132 lbs.

Oliver Oks ? Two words: Work Ethic. I think back on how many nights last year we had to kick Oliver out of the wrestling room and make him go home. It?s no wonder he has continued to make the huge gains he has been making back since his freshmen year. As a sophomore he took 3rd in the section. After his off-season work this spring, he?s looking tougher than ever. Oliver is a grinder who is great from all positions and has a huge gas tank. He is tough to beat in the third period. He should be back at 160 for us this year.

Chris Kim ? What can you say about Chris Kim other than, ?This kid is an athlete!? Coming off an impressive 4th place finish at Sectionals as a freshman at 152 lbs, he is bigger, stronger and faster (if that?s even possible) than he was last season. Sometimes in practice I blink and miss his entire takedown. With his natural gifts, the sky is the limit for Chris.

Danny Kornberg ? Danny Kornberg is the heart of the Edgemont Wrestling team. As a 5th year varsity wrestler he has continued to slowly but steadily develop his technique and slowly but steadily climb up in the rankings. He finished fourth in the section last year at 215 pounds, but everyone in our room knows he has the potential to a lot more than that. He is a beast on top, very difficult to hold down and surprisingly effective on his feet. Danny enters his senior year stronger than ever and we are confident he can go toe-to-toe with any 220 pounder in the state.

Max Abramsky ? Our second senior, Max is a three-time sectional place finisher. Although he?s down at 120 lbs, don?t let his frame-size fool you. Max wrestles with a vicious mean-streak that?s exciting to watch for fans but probably not too exciting for his opponents. At one point in his career we were counting how many of his opponents accidentally had their noses broken. With lightening quick leg attacks and continually improving technique, we like his chances this season.

Will Graybeal ? Will Graybeal is genuinely one of the nicest kids you?ll ever meet. He?s so soft-spoken and polite that if you never saw him wrestle you probably would never realize how doggone tough he is. Will shocked everyone (except those in our wrestling room) last season by placing 5th in the section as a freshman. He is a hard worker and a fast learner. Oh, and he?s also got a little chip on his shoulder ? his brother Chris (now at Duke University) was a Section Champion for us two years ago ? so Will has a little something to prove now. Sibling rivalry working to our advantage! Will should be at 126 lbs for us most of the season.

Peter Berman ? If you?ve ever gotten a good look at Pete Berman?s forearms, you know why he goes by the nickname ?Popeye.? The kid is jacked. Not only is he strong, he?s tough to go with it. He wrestles a punishing style, he?s nearly impossible to take down and when he gets to an opponent?s legs, they are in serious trouble. Pete is our final senior and is another prime example of an athlete putting in a lot of time in the off-season to make himself better. He finished 5th in the section last year and was clearly not satisfied. I?m happy to report that he should be competing for a section title and hopefully All-State honors in Albany this February. Popeye will be competing at 138 and 145 lbs this season.

Jason Worobow ? Jason Worobow knows his strengths and wrestles a perfect style that utilizes those strengths to his greatest advantage. His 6th place finish last year in sectionals as a sophomore is a bit deceptive since he wrestled the entire second half of the season and the first half of the sectional tournament with a shoulder that would continually dislocate in the middle of his matches. He would grit his teeth, pop it back in and usually keep wrestling. After a final occurrence in the consolation semi-finals, he injury-defaulted his way down to 6th. Now, much like the Million Dollar Man, they had the technology to make him even better. With his new bionic shoulder he is 100% healthy, strong and one of the toughest riders we have on the team. And he?s aiming much higher than 6th. Look for Jason at 160 or 170 lbs this season.

We have four other returning Varsity wrestlers looking to make names for themselves this season.

Riki Mistry ? A sophomore at 113 lbs. Riki continues to improve and come into his own as a wrestler. Riki is a very cerebral wrestler, watching him compete is like watching someone play chess. He is getting more and more comfortable in any situation and you can see he is always thinking several moves ahead. As we continue to work with him improving from each position we think things are really going to start falling into place for him.

Marc Ficuciello ? Another sophomore, Marc is up at 132 lbs this year. He is clearly stronger and definitely has more of an edge to him when he wrestles this year. His technical side is progressing nicely and we?re working with him to refine his technique and develop a style that takes advantage of his long reach and lanky frame. Marc Ficuciello is the type of wrestler who has a very high upside potential.

Sam Klein ? Sam Klein is like the Energizer Bunny ? he keeps going and going. Sam was our go-to Freshmen last year that no matter the situation he would go out and wrestle hard and no matter the result he would pick himself back up and get right back to work making himself better. With that kind of mentality, Sam is positioning himself to be another work-horse for our team and we expect to start seeing results that follow the effort being put in.

Ross Kantor ? How do you wrestle someone with Gumby-like flexibility? Not very well is the answer. Ross Kantor is straight-up difficult and frustrating to wrestle. Right when an opponent thinks they have him he does whatever it is that he does and ends up dominating the position. Ross was unable to compete in sectionals last year due to an injury but he would likely have been our 13th place finisher. He?s back now, better than ever and raring to make up for lost time. He?s another name that not many people know now, but will certainly know by the end of the season.


We have an awesome group of 8 rookie wrestlers this year, joining our Varsity team. Quite honestly, no one has it better than them as far as workout partners and older wrestlers to mentor them. In my 10 years coaching I can?t ever remember having a class of rookies come in with such a great training situation. I think we are as excited as coaches to watch these guys start competing as they are to actually get out there and do it.

Our rookies this season are:

Kyle Aslanian (8th Grade, 99 lbs)
Hunter Moore (8th Grade, 106 lbs)
Jon Fleischmann (Freshman, 106 lbs)
Alyson Kornberg (Freshman, 126/132 lbs)
Sam Charnizon (Freshman, 132 lbs)
Dylan Huff (Freshman, 132 lbs)
Brian Evans (Freshman, 132 lbs)

Saumil Kothari (Sophomore, 152/160 lbs)