Getting this confession off my chest

I have a dark confession to make: For all the time I spend talking with our team about the ?big picture?, about how what we do has an impact that transcends just wrestling, I sometimes feel like a fraud. We talk all the time about ?Building Champions on the mat and in life,? but our wrestlers, our […]

“Who’s Georgie Guarnieri?”

Hey guys! Sorry this email is a bit long, but this is a story that really needs to be told. I hope reading it impacts you as profoundly as being a part of it did for me. When you work hard; believe in yourself, your coaches and your teammates; and commit to achieving your goals, great things […]

Our adventures in Albany!

So two days ago, I?m literally sitting outside in the 70 degree sunshine before going to practice. It was awesome. Yesterday, we traveled up to Albany. We might as well be in Canada. We drove through a blizzard and sub-freezing temperatures to get here. Now this is the State Championships weather I?m used to! Nicky […]

State Championships update!

Wow – what a great couple of weeks it?s been! The State Championships are coming up this weekend (full details below!), but figured I?d start off giving you a quick update. Training Update As the excitement from Sectionals subsides each year, we get to focus in on preparing our State Qualifiers to take on the […]

Who’s our next champion?

Happy New Year! Hope you?re all doing great! We?re off into 2018, which means the second half of our competitive season and a firm focus on preparation for our post-season which begins a month from today! Cancer Sucks Before I launch into some updates for you guys, I wanted to make you aware of this […]