Dan Kornberg ’12 Returns to Pitt!

Photo: Pitt Wrestling
Photo: Pitt Wrestling

For those who didn’t know, our own Dan Kornberg ’12 (current Pitt wrestler) has spent the last 10 months battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Check out the article below to read all about Dan’s journey.

Dan just hit a huge milestone – he finished his chemo and has been cleared to return to Pitt!

Below, members of the Edgemont Wrestling Class of 2013 and 2014?took Dan out to celebrate!

Dan and friends
Left to right: Dan Kornberg ’12, Ross Kantor ’13, Sky Korek ’13, Oliver Oks ’13, Colin Hopkins ’14, Jack McCormack ’13, Jason Worobow ’13, Trey Aslanian ’13.

It’s a truly amazing feeling to see Danny get better and to be part of a program where our current and former wrestlers care so deeply about each other and show such tremendous support!

Good luck Danny as your road continues – we’re ALL here for you!


Click this picture to read about Dan's battle.
Click this picture to read about Dan’s battle.