Wow? I need to start by apologizing? It?s been WAY too long since we?ve posted an update about the program.

Just like we teach our wrestlers, I won?t make any excuses, but I will tell you we?ve been super busy getting things going this year...

So, without further delay, let me catch you up on some big things going on with us!


Congrats to Cliff!

Senior Cliffton Wang has been up to some big things lately? First and foremost, Cliff committed to continuing his athletic and academic career next year at Harvard University - not too shabby!

And while we?re on the topic of Cliff, I?m also psyched to let you know that Cliff just achieved All-American status at the Super 32 in Greensboro, NC. For those not familiar, the Super 32 is essentially the HS pre-season national championships. Great job, Cliff! Now on to the HS season!

Recruiting Update

We?re in the thick of our second week of official practices and I?m happy to report our Varsity roster sits at 21 strong! The rest of the staff and I are fired up about this team, we have a really good mix of workhorse veterans and a healthy dose of youth with seven new freshmen on our roster. We?ll definitely spend some more time introducing you to our veterans and our rookies in the coming week!

In the meantime, our junior high team starts up next week and it looks like we?ll have about 25 wrestlers on our roster in Grades 7 & 8! Coaches Rob Breitenbach and Jedd Chesterson do an awesome job at that level and it shows in the numbers they?re drawing. Our Youth Team starts up on 12/6 - alumni, get your kids registered! - and it looks like we?re going to have another very strong group at that level too!

The future is certainly bright!

So what?s the secret to our effective recruiting you might ask?

Well, it?s a lot of things, not the least of which is the quality of the experience we provide to our student-athletes, helping to develop them into better wrestlers and better people? that said, however, I think our annual recruiting posters play a role as well.

They?ve become a rite of passage in our program as our varsity wrestlers eagerly await their release each year to see who?s ?made the posters,? so I figured if you hadn?t seen them yet, we?d show them to you now...

Check them out here:

Panthers in College

Before I take off (gotta head over to the HS for practice - cracking the whip on these guys the day before Thanksgiving!), wanted to give a quick shout out to two of our Panther alum competing at the NCAA level.

Colin Hopkins ?14 is currently competing for NYU at 149 pounds and just placed 8th this past weekend at the NYS Intercollegiate Championships! Way to go Colin!

Trey Aslanian ?13 is finishing his senior campaign on the mats for the Princeton Tigers at 133 lbs. Keep making us proud, Trey!

Open Invite

Let me close with this:

Alumni, you have a 100% OPEN INVITATION to come by our practices or competitions any time! We'd love to have you in the room and to have you involved in the program.

Just let me know if you ever want to stop by - we'll get you a chair to sit matside, a copy of our practice plan and maybe even some wrestling shoes if you're really feeling limber!

Call or email me anytime!That?s it for now, guys, but stay tuned for more updates as we get rolling!

We?re back, baby!

Have a great Thanksgiving and talk to you next week!

Feed the Panther!

Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling