Edgemont Wrestling Unveils New Mission Statement

Over the course of our summer coaching staff meetings, we have put a lot of thought into what our program is all about. Like any other outstanding organization, we felt it was important to have a Mission Statement that set out our philosophy to our athletes, parents, fans and supporters. So without further ado…

Edgemont Wrestling Mission Statement

The mission of Edgemont Wrestling is to develop the necessary skill set for our student-wrestlers to become successful in wrestling and all aspects of their life. Through the sport of wrestling, our athletes will develop discipline by overcoming challenges on a daily basis and by being asked to push themselves beyond their perceived limits. They will gain character by persevering through the highs and lows of wins and losses while exhibiting sportsmanship and class.

Daily practice and competition will teach an athlete how to raise their own level of determination while strengthening confidence though hard work and personal sacrifice. By holding each wrestler responsible for their own actions, our athletes will learn accountability. Furthermore, they will learn commitment through an understanding of what it truly means to be dedicated towards achieving individual and team-oriented goals.


Message from the coaching staff:

Edgemont Wrestling works to develop athletes who always strive for and maintain the highest standards of excellence, never settling for mediocrity. Student-wrestlers are provided with collaborative efforts from parents, teachers, coaches, and fellow athletes. This collaboration allows for greater successes on the mat and in the classroom by creating definitive lines of communication and assistance, while providing all parties with a clear understanding of an individual?s team expectations.

It is our belief that by creating a ?family style? team atmosphere, everyone will benefit. Success is not defined by victories or defeats, but rather by personal growth of the athlete and how close they come to reaching their potential on the mat and off. Our mission is accomplished through a rigorous program, exacting standards and a dedicated coaching staff of role models that embody these ideals and believe deeply in this philosophy.