Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! 

We gave the guys a well-earned day off on Thursday to enjoy the time with their families, but we were back at it Friday and Saturday going hard to work off that turkey and get ready for our first competition! 

Check out a quick clip here: 


It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without giving some thanks, so a HUGE thank you to all of the alumni who came back to help out the program over the past week - all without being asked. We had over 20 guys stopping by and I can tell you our coaches and our wrestlers truly appreciate your support! I always feel so honored and humbled this time of year to be part of such a special program.

Let's get rolling!

We kick off our competitive season this Saturday at the Horace Greeley Duals. This is a great first competition for us - we'll wrestle four duals against some great competition. It's a really good tournament for us to see where our guys measure up right now.

As you know, everything we do is with an eye towards preparing our guys to be at their absolute best in the post-season, so we're really intentional about who we send to what competitions. Expect to see some line-up shuffling throughout the season to make this happen. We plan on sending 10 guys to Horace Greeley this weekend, while we hold the rest back to train for the coming week.

We'll make sure to keep you posted!

So, of course we couldn't kick off the season without giving you guys a special never-before-seen sneak preview of our 2016-2017 Poster Schedule featuring our six returning Sectional Placefinishers.

Here ya go:

?Left to right: Nick Meglino '19, Surmed Khan '17, Cliffton Wang '17, George Mellor '17, Lou Russo '17, Andy Williams '17.

Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Huge thank you to Annette Meglino for the photography!

Our full schedule, including a breakdown of all the highlights and a printer-friendly version (hand-crafted for your refrigerator door!) can be found here.

Just in time for the holidays

Finally, let me leave you with this.

Our annual Edgemont Wrestling Apparel Store is open for business!

Check it out here: e??dgemontwrestling??.org/gear

The store closes on 12/11 so get your order in now! Great for alumni, wrestlers, parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and girlfriends and great for holiday gifts!

Orders will be bulk shipped to us the high school and are scheduled to arrive on 12/20 - just in time for the break!

If you don't live locally and still want to order - NO PROBLEM. Just give me a heads up and when we get your order I'll head over to the post office and send it your way!



Talk to you guys soon!

Feed the Panther!

Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling