LoHud Wrestling Blog: Weight class rankings: Postseason edition

Junior Jack McCormack’s #2 ranking at 145 will help the
Panthers come Sectionals.

Check it out… Nine Panther wrestlers ranked in the Top 3 in their weights in the Section! Three more get honorable mention!

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Posted by: Vincent Mercogliano on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 2:15 pm.

At long last, I?ve finalized our complete LoHud weight class rankings for?Division 2. With the Super 16 and Rockland County Championships set for this weekend, followed by sectional qualifiers the following weekend, these rankings should serve as a great reference for sectionals. The idea is that if you look back at these after sectionals are completed on Feb. 12 at Pace University, these are the names that should be making it to the podium.

Before I give you the rankings, I wanted to post a few ground rules to give everyone an idea of how I put these together.

As I?ve been doing for the past two seasons, I picked?the top three in D2. I?ve also added names of wrestlers who just missed the cut in my notes, which follow the rankings from each weight class.

I do take into consideration past performances (such as previous section titles, section placers, etc.), but I put more stock into how a wrestler has performed this season. Quality wins, performance at competitive tourneys, overall record, pin percentage, difficulty of schedule and head-to-head are all taken into consideration.

A wrestler cannot be ranked directly ahead of another wrestler who he has a losing record against this season. For example, if Wrestler A is ranked third and Wrestler B is ranked fourth, but Wrestler B beat Wrestler A this season, I would flop them. But if Wrestler A was ranked second due to a more impressive overall performance, and Wrestler B was ranked fourth with a win over Wrestler A, I would leave them as is.

If two wrestlers split, I give preference to whichever won the more recent meeting UNLESS the other wrestler?s body of work is obviously stronger.

I will reference the Eastern States Classic tournament quite a bit in these rankings. I abbreviated it as ?ESC.?

Whenever I reference a head-to-head meeting, it is from this season, unless specified otherwise.

The records listed for each wrestler come directly from nwcaonline.com. Most of them seem to be accurate, but if there was nothing listed or the record simply didn?t seem right, I listed it as ?N/A.?

Here we go?

Division 2

1. Tyler Aslanian, Edgemont (24-6, 13 pins)
2. Joe Dillon, Nanuet (23-6, 12 pins)
3. Andrew Barsuch, Croton-Harmon (30-9, 22 pins)

Notes: Another name to watch is Hastings? Nick Wilt? This is a very interesting weight class? Aslanian beat Dillon (7-4)? Aslanian and Barsuch split (Aslanian won most recent match)? Dillon is the defending champ here and placed eighth this season at the ESC.


1. Vinny Skokos, Nanuet (24-8, 10 pins)
2. Sky Korek, Edgemont (21-8, 10 pins)
3. Jonah Gerstel, Ardsley (N/A)
Notes: Another name to watch is Irvington?s Tyler Wexler? As a freshman in his first season in the lineup, Skokos has emerged as the favorite. Some of his notable wins include decisions over N. Barbaria (No. 1 in D1 at 99) and Oliveto (No. 4 in D1 at 106)? Skokos pinned Korek? Korek and Gerstal each pinned Wexler.


1. Trey Aslanian, Edgemont (32-1, 18 pins)
2. Stephen Paternostro, Pleasantville (26-6, 16 pins)
3. Stephen Samolsky, Ardsley (19-3, 16 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Putnam Valley?s Adam Mirabal? Aslanian is the clear favorite after placing second in the state last season at 103? He has notable wins over Muldoon (No. 3 in D1 at 113) and Feniger (No. 4 in D1 at 113).


1. Anthony Calvano, Nanuet (13-3, 10 pins)
2. D.J. Frederich, Croton-Harmon (29-5, 16 pins)
3. Josh Dooz, Dobbs Ferry (27-6, 12 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Edgemont?s Max Abramsky? Calvano is a multiple state qualifier, but he?s missed time with various ailments? Frederich has come on strong, most notably splitting with Delacruz (No. 2 in D1 at 113). You could easily make a case for him to be No. 1? Calvano?s most notable win came vs. J. DiMarsico (No. 4 in D1 at 120)? Frederich pinned Dooz and Abramsky.


1. Drew Longo, Ardsley (22-3, 13 pins)
2. David Occhipinti, Croton-Harmon (28-3, 19 pins)
3. Jimmy Kyreakedes, Dobbs Ferry (9-4, 8 pins)
Notes: This weight class is absolutely loaded. Kyreakedes placed at the state level last season, which tells you how talented this top three is. All three won section titles last season? Longo beat Occhipinti (7-1) and Kyreakedes (7-6)? Occhipinti has gone 132 most of the season, but he?s listed at 126 and wrestled there at the ESC. I wouldn?t be surprised to see him jump up to 132 for sectionals, where he would have an easier path to a section title? He beat Kyreakedes (8-7)? Kyreakedes recently returned from injury, and didn?t quite look 100 percent at the Kohl tourney.


1. Matt Dillon, Nanuet (21-8, 6 pins)
2. Chris Bruno, Putnam Valley (22-12, 12 pins)
3. Colin Hopkins, Edgemont (14-9, 9 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Pleasantville?s Graham Williamson? If no one else bumps up, Dillon is the favorite after placing second at 119 last season? He majored Hopkins? Bruno beat Williamson (12-6).


1. Dean Rogener, Westlake (N/A)
2. Peter Berman, Edgemont (17-18, 6 pins)
3. Kyle Kelvas, Putnam Valley (18-15, 11 pins)
Notes: Also look out for Irvington?s Drew Cohen and Croton-Harmon?s J.P. O?Malley? Rogener recently returned from injury? He pinned Kelvas earlier in the season, and also has a notable win over M. Dillon (3-0)? Berman beat Cohen twice? Berman has gone through a much tougher schedule than any other wrestler in this class? Kelvas beat Cohen (7-1) and O?Malley (3-1)? Cohen and O?Malley split (O?Malley won most recent meeting).


1. Brett Pastore, Irvington (19-4, 11 pins)
2. Jack McCormack, Edgemont (19-9, 6 pins)
3. Johnny Martin, Croton-Harmon (26-8, 17 pins)
Notes: Also look out for Hastings? Brandon Abrahante and Westlake?s Nick O?Halloran? This is one of the deeper weight classes in D2? Pastore is the favorite after placing second at 130 last season (he lost to eventual state champ Ryan Osleeb in the final)? Pastore beat McCormack twice, Martin (7-0), and Abrahante by pin? McCormack beat Abrahante (5-2).


1. Scott Porter, Pawling (29-2, 25 pins)
2. Edgar Solis, Westlake (18-7, 6 pins)
3. Ross Kantor, Edgemont (14-11, 13 pins)
Notes: Solis is a defending champ at 145, but Porter pinned him earlier this season? Porter split with Miller (No. 2 in D1 at 152)? Notable wins for Solis include Harrell (No. 4 in D1 at 160) and splitting with Djekovic (No. 4 in D1 at 152)? This pretty much looks like a two-man race.


1. Mike Boyle, Dobbs Ferry (17-1, 9 pins)
2. Mike Buhlman, Nanuet (22-11, 7 pins)
3. Peter Salzarulo, Pleasantville (20-10, 11 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Edgemont?s Oliver Oks, who is expected to be back from injury in time for sectionals? None of these four have wrestled each other, except when Buhlmann beat Oks in the Section 1 Dual Meet championship by injury default? I had Oks ranked No. 1 in the beginning of the season, so I expect him to be a factor? Boyle has a notable win over Pastore.


1. John Messinger, Putnam Valley (N/A)
2. Peter Smith, Nanuet (14-15, 5 pins)
3. Constantine Coffinas, Westlake (13-8, 5 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Edgemont?s Jason Worobow, whose status is still up in the air for sectionals as he is dealing with an ongoing shoulder issue? This weight class is pretty much wide open, but Messinger did place third at 171 last season? He recently returned to the lineup after missing time earlier in the season? Smith majored Coffinas.


1. Oliver Mold, Pawling (27-2, 17 pins)
2. Kevin Brundage, Nanuet (22-8, 12 pins)
3. Chris Kim, Edgemont (13-10, 8 pins)
Notes: Mold is a heavy favorite here after winning a title at 171 last season? He has notable wins over Murray (No. 2 in D1 at 182), Kraft (No. 2 in D2 at 195) and Deleon (No. 3 in D2 at 195).


1. Dan Breit, Nanuet (32-4, 12 pins)
2. Chris Kraft, Croton-Harmon (27-4, 14 pins)
3. Dennis Deleon, Dobbs Ferry (20-5, 9 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Irvington?s Kevin Degnan? Breit is the slight favorite in a very deep weight class? He placed second at 189 last season, and placed sixth at the ESC this season? He has notable wins over Kornberg (No. 1 in D2 at 220) and Okeke (No. 5 in D1 at 195)? Kraft and Deleon split (Kraft won more recent meeting)? Kraft and Degnan split (Kraft won more recent meeting)? Deleon beat Degnan twice.


1. Danny Kornberg, Edgemont (34-9, 21 pins)
2. Quentin Bailey, Hastings (17-3, 7 pins)
3. Alek Pavloff, Croton-Harmon (21-10, 14 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Nanuet?s Sergio Ventura? He?s wrestled more matches at 220, but is listed at 195, so he could be a factor in either weight class? Kornberg beat Ventura (5-0) and pinned Pavloff? He?s the favorite after placing fourth at 215 last season? Bailey is the great unknown because he hasn?t seen any of these guys.


1. Obum Anyichie, Pleasantville (27-2, 11 pins)
2. Chris DiNardo, Irvington (N/A)
3. Anthony DiNardo, Irvington (15-7, 5 pins)
Notes: Another name to watch is Westlake?s Mike Manzo? Anyichie lost to C. DiNardo in last season?s section final, but he has beaten him twice in the past week and a half? He also pinned A. DiNardo twice, Manzo once and has a win over Lypchuk (No. 3 in D1 at 285)? C. DiNardo missed almost the entire season with an injury. He recently returned, but doesn?t seem to be wrestling at the level he was at last season? Anthony is Chris? younger brother.