Section 1 Championships here we come!

Some quick updates for you guys? Sectionals is tomorrow and Saturday so our plate is pretty full right now? read on to see!

Cancer Sucks

As many of you know, Mike Schwartz ?17 lost his father to this terrible disease shortly before starting his senior season in the late fall of 2016. As a show of support for Mike and his family, we scheduled a rare Friday night dual meet with Irvington to use as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The event went so well, we decided to do it again this year!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support the team on Friday 1/19. The capacity crowd in San Marco Gymnasium was treated to an exciting match that came down to the wire, with Edgemont narrowly edging out a very competitive Irvington team. More importantly, though, together we raised over $800 for the American Cancer Society which will be donated by the Edgemont and Irvington Wrestling programs in memory of Robert Schwartz. Thanks again for your support!

36th Annual Edgemont Wrestling Tournament

On Saturday 1/27, we hosted the 36th Annual Edgemont Wrestling Tournament. Our tournament has grown to one of the largest in Section 1 featuring over 200 wrestlers from 21 teams. Here?s the short version: Our kids competed relentlessly, and picked the right day to really step into the spotlight!

We wrestle, arguably, the most difficult schedule in Section 1 over the course of the season. We throw our kids in the “deep end” and they’re forced to grow up as wrestlers very quickly. While this has always been a key element in our wrestlers’ development, it creates an atmosphere where, sometimes, it can really be really difficult for our guys to see the remarkable improvement and progress they’re making from week-to-week.

We ask a lot of them. Not the least of which is to keep faith that the process works. It’s hard to do that when you don’t always see tangible results, even more so when 14 of 22 athletes are first-year varsity wrestlers.

I can tell you one thing, though: these guys BELIEVE.

And at the Edgemont Tournament they started to really show it on the mats.

  • We took third as a team out of 21 teams, just edged out by half a point for second place – all without a single champion – a true team effort!
  • We had seven wrestlers place in the Top 6 of their respective weight classes.
  • Another two finished in the Top 8.
  • We had guys beating opponents they’d lost to earlier in the season!
  • We had guys taking top-ranked wrestlers in their weight classes to overtime!

With just two weeks between the Edgemont Tournament and Sectionals, our guys couldn’t have picked a better time to start showing the world what they’re capable of!

Sectionals this weekend!

So, I was telling our team how last week and this week are my two favorite of the season.

The hard work is done. Now we get to enjoy our time together, get our last several workouts in to fine-tune things, and watch our kids go out, compete hard and earn success based on the hard work they’ve put in over the past months!

I love it!

I was struck watching our kids train these past two weeks, just how far they’ve come. It was awesome to see! These guys are READY! I’m not sure they even realize how well prepared they are and I think a lot of them are going to surprise some people! (Not us, of course! We fully know what they?re capable of!)

Before I give you all the details, let me just say: we?d love your support!

If you can make it out to Hastings HS tomorrow afternoon/evening or on Saturday it would mean a lot to us!

Section 1 Championships
Hastings HS (1 Mt Hope Blvd, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706)

Friday 1/9

  • 4:30 PM?(until about?9 PM)

Saturday 1/10

  • Semi-Finals?9:45 AM
  • Medal Round?1 PM
  • Finals?3 PM

We?re entering 17-strong in the Section 1 Championships and looking to make some noise! I know we?re young but expect to see a lot of our guys deep in the tournament! How can you not be excited as a coach when you get to enter 10 freshmen in Sectionals!

Here?s our line-up:

99 ? ?Jack Novarro ?20
106 ?Kion Yaghoobzadeh ?20
113 ?Fernando Lens ?21
113 ?Mitch Kronk ?21
120 ?Miles Teperman ?21
120 ?Chris Ahn ?21
126 ?Nico Wisnivesky ?21
126 ?Kenny Zhong ?20
132 ?Georgie Guarnieri ?19
132 ?Daniel Hahn ?21
138 ?Sumeddha Biswal ?21
145 ?Phil Ahn ?19
145 ?Matty McCormack ?21
152 ?Zach Frain ?21
170 ?Nick Meglino ?19
170 ?Dexter Seeley ?21
195 ?Maunil Kothari ?18

Hope to see many of you tomorrow and Saturday! Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon!

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Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling