The Daily Scarsdale: Small School Wrestling Championships Matches Set

Edgemont’s Trey Aslanian will be aiming for his

third Section 1 Small School Wrestling title. He is

seeded first in the 113-pound weight class for the

Section 1 Small School Wrestling Championships,

Saturday-Sunday.?Photo Credit: Tony Pinciaro

From The Daily Scarsdale.

by Tony Pinciaro

Posted 02/05/12

BEACON, N.Y. ? Edgemont received three No. 1 seeds as the first-round matchups in the Section 1 Small School Wrestling Championships/New York State Qualifier were released Sunday.

Trey Aslanian (113 pounds), Tyler Aslanian (99) and Danny Kornberg (220) are seeded first in their respective weight classes. Sky Korek (113) and Jack McCormack (145) are the second seeds in their weight classes. Trey Aslanian will be aiming for his third consecutive sectional title.

Croton will host day one of the championships on Saturday. Wrestling will begin 9 a.m.? Wrestling will resume Sunday at 9 a.m. with the semifinals at the Goldstein Center on the campus of Pace University in Pleasantville. The championship finals are scheduled for 2:30 p.m.? The sectional champions earn automatic berths to the New York State Wrestling Championships that will be held Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24-25 at the Times Union Center in Albany.

Two-time sectional champs David Occipital (132) of Croton and Ardsley?s Drew Longo (126) are No. 1 seeds, as are Pleasantville?s Obum Anyichie (285), Brett Pastore (145) of Irvington and Westlake?s Dean Rogener (138).

Brotherly battles will be played out as three sets of siblings can face other. Dobbs Ferry?s Kevin and Conor Driscoll square off in a 182-pound first-round match, Tyler Aslanian could face Kyle Aslanian in a 99-pound quarterfinal bout and Irvington?s Chris and Anthony DiNardo are on schedule to meet in a 285-pound semifinal.

Section 1 Division II Championships

First-round matches

At Croton High SchoolTeam key ? Ardsley (A), Croton (Cr), Dobbs Ferry (DF), Edgemont (Ed), Hastings (Hs), Nanuet (N), North Salem (NS), Our Lady of Lourdes (OLL), Pawling (Pw), Pleasantville (Pv), Putnam Valley (PV), Westlake (Ws), Woodlands (Wd)

99 — 1. Tyler Aslanian (Ed) bye; Kyle Aslanian (Ed)-Adam Samolsky (A); Nick Wilt (Hs)-Spiro Coffinas (Ws); Connor Foy (Pw)-4. James Bathon (Pv); 3. Andrew Barsuch (Cr) bye; Eric Pezzulo (Ws)-Noah Kelvas (PV); Nick Cipriano (DF)-Dan Fraad (Pw); 2. Joe Dillon (N) bye.

106 — 1. Vinny Skokos (N) bye; Joe Nolan (PV)-Chris Marino (NS); Tommy Schultz (Cr) bye; 4. Rich Dosin (Hs) bye; 3. Tyler Wexler (I) bye; Christian Murphy (OLL) bye; Eric Boyle (N)-Moises Romano (Hs); 2. Jonah Gerstel (A) bye.

113 — 1. Trey Aslanian (Ed) bye; Steven Morales (Pv)-Tommy O?Sullivan (PV); A.J. Mirabel (PV) bye; 4. Stephen Samolsky (A) bye; 3. Stephen Paternostro (Pv) bye; Sumner Kataka (Wd)-Justin Jimenez (I); Greg Macchi (Hs)-Richard LaRocca (Wd); 2. Sky Korek (Ed) bye.

120 — 1. Anthony Calvano (N) bye; John Wilt (Hs)-Jeremy Kogan (A); Aidan Conroy (A)-Mariano Ring (I); Will Fontana (DF)-4. Max Abram sky (Ed); 3. Josh Dooz (DF)-Thomas Pearson (Hs); Matt Powell (NS)-Chris Lowery (N); Nick D?Arrigo (I)-Rikesh Mistry (Ed); 2. D.J. Frederich (Cr).

126 — 1. Drew Longo (A) bye; Daniel Kraemer (Wd)-Brian Loomba (A); Zach Martin (Pw)-Dom Rending (Ws); Kristoffer Fregil (Wd)-4. Will Graybeal (Ed); 3. Dan Guido (Cr) bye; Dylan Huff (Ed)-Christian Gonzalez (PV); Brian Luciano (OLL)-Nicholas Padilla (Hs); 2. Graham Williamson (Pv) bye.

132 — 1. David Occhipinti (Cr) vs. Mike Galluzzo (Ws)-Jose Nieves (Pv) winner; Connor Kostyra (I)-Andrew Wassman (I); Russel Kogan (A)-Marc Fiducially (Ed); John pachonte (Wd)-4. Nick Jolly (OLL); 3. Colin Hopkins (Ed)-Zach Dolgetta (Ws); Dan Gottlieb (Pv)-Chris Santana (Pw); Billy Thompson (N)-Joel Pedrigan (Wd); Ben Amaral (Hs)-2. Chris Bruno (PV).

138 — 1. Dean Rogener (Ws) vs. Mike Minieri (I)-Patrick Polinta (A) winner; Anthony Tarricone (Hs)-Drew Cohen (I); Kyle Kelvas (PV)-Thomas Marrone (Pv); John Spiegel (N)-4. John Martin (Cr); 3. Peter Berman (Ed) vs. Sam Klein (Ed)-Kyle Lindsay (DF) winner; Miles Giancarlo (Hs)-Elder Calim (Wd); J.P. O?Malley (Cr)-Tyler Smith (Pw); Brandon Castro (Pv)-Brendan Smith (A) winner vs. 2. Matt Dillon (N).

145 — 1. Brett Pastore (I) bye; Michael Zakhar (Pv)-Teddy Fleming (NS); Angelo Zegarelli (PV)-Mike Iovino (DF); Michael Lopez (Wd)-4. Nick O?Halloran (Ws); 3. Andrew Horan (Cr)-Jon Swiller (DF); Jonah Rosenblum (I)-Brandon Abrahante (Hs); Jazz Saraguro (N)-Aron Salguero (Wd); Noah Kanwal (A)-2. Jack McCormack (Ed).

152 — 1. Scott Porter (Pw) bye; Eli Greenstein (Cr)-Cody Fitzgerald (N); Peter Jones (I)-Joel Fuentes (Hs); Corey Reilly (Pw)-4. Adam Rosencrantz (DF); 3. Anthony Gentile (PV)-Mike Nuccio (Pv); Terry Taylor (DF)-Ross Kantor (Ed); Denis Kelly (PV)-Jesse Deutchman (A); 2, Edgar Solis (Ws) bye.

160 — 1. Spike Buhlmann (N) bye; Mikhail Garcia (Hs)-Zachary Silverado (I); Pete Salzarulo (Pv)-Devin Lewis (Cr); 4. Max Ostachowsky (OLL) bye; 3. Con Coffinas (Ws) bye; Matt Tencer (DF)-John Deegan (OLL); Devin Pena (Wd)-Joey Ciccio (I); 2. Mike Boyle (DF) bye.

170 — 1. Jon Messenger (PV) bye; Matt Zefi (Ws)-Sam Goldsmith (Cr); Oliver Oks (Ed)-Justin Robadi (A); 4. Cole McKinney (Pv) bye; 3. Chris Kim (Ed) bye; David Sara via (DF)-Tyler Estremera (OLL); Anthony Casamo (DF)-Matt Seputro (Cr); 2. Peter Smith (N).

182 — 1. Oliver Mold (Pw) bye; Marshawn Diclson (Wd)-4. Rocco Esposito (Pw); 3. Evan Shalom (A)-Willie Messenger (PV); Andrew Freeman (N)-2. Kevin Brundage (N).

195 — 1. Dan Breit (N) bye; Dan Cohen (I)-Houston Porter (Wd); Kevin Degnan (I); 4. Jacob Wiegard (OLL); 3. Sergio Ventura (N) bye; Anthony Morris (Hs)-Dennis Deleon (DF); Mike Miller (OLL)-Guy Buckland (A); 2. Chris Kraft (Cr) bye.

220 — 1. Danny Kornberg (Ed) bye; Kevin Driscoll (DF)-Conor Driscoll (DF); Matt Acevdo (Pw) bye; 4. Ian Lopez (OLL) bye; 3. Quentin Bailey (Hs) bye; Nick Lombardi (A)-Alek Pavloff (Cr); Suneil Vaswani (PV)-Adam Krieger (I); 2. Christopher Minozzi (Hs) bye.

285 — 1. Obum Anyichie (Pv)-Austin Lynch (Wd); James Maher (OLL)-4. Joe Morelli (DF); 3. Anthony DiNardo (I)-Josh Nelson (N); Tyrie Brave (Wd)-2. Chris DiNardo (I).