Welcome to the 2010-2011 School Year!

All-State Wrestler Trey Aslanian (’13) shows his youngest brother?Wyatt Aslanian (’24) the ropes at Labor Day Barbecue.
Hello and welcome back Edgemont Wrestling Fans! As summer draws to a close, excitement is starting to fill the air. First of all the Wrestling World Championships are going on as we speak in Moscow this week. For coverage, check out USA Wrestling’s Website, or follow USA Wrestling on Twitter.?
Second, and more importantly, our athletes are back at school and can begin preparations for the upcoming season. There will be much more coming your way in the near future, but official practices start 10 weeks from today!
Many of our athletes will continue their training regimens from the Spring and Summer, including Open Mats, Strength Training, Club Wrestling and Off-Season Tournaments, ?in preparation for the upcoming winter.
Stay tuned for more coverage…and welcome back!