What makes wrestling at EDGEMONT so special?

pete trey

Dear Edgemont Wrestling Community,

The wrestling season is always so busy and we maintain such a deliberate and intense focus on our student-athletes that it seems there?s never as much time as I?d like to catch up with our alumni, must of whom I?m proud to call my friends.

One of the nice things about the season coming to an end (I guess I can admit there?s one or two), is that this time of year always seems to bring some great conversations with a lot of these friends and catching up on their lives.

Whether it?s guys that graduated long before I stepped on the Edgemont wrestling mats as a 7th grader in 1990, my teammates throughout high school, or wrestlers I?ve had the honor to coach through their high school careers, it?s always so enjoyable and satisfying to see what this amazing group of men has been up to and what they?ve been accomplishing.

The past few weeks I?ve been fortunate enough to have a bunch of these conversations.

To hear these guys talk about what wrestling at Edgemont has given them in terms of confidence, perseverance and resilience, as well as many other traits, is tremendously humbling and makes me incredibly proud. I know I can say wrestling at Edgemont did these things for me as well!

It?s funny how this truly elite fraternity of Edgemont alumni, share such common experiences and reflections. It makes my job something unique, something special and something I?m thankful for daily.

We?ve had many parents and alumni tell us how the wrestling program is the ?best-kept secret? at Edgemont as far the lifelong qualities our student-athletes get from it. Fortunately, with the largest numbers we?ve ever had on both our Varsity and Youth teams, I guess the word is getting out!

To think that we have been able to live up to our motto of ?Building Champions on the mat and in life? in small way for each of you or your kids is amazing! What?s most telling, perhaps, is we even have a handful of kids in our program now who?s father?s wrestled for Edgemont!

Both myself and the rest of our coaching staff is proud to lead this program into the future and keep building more Champions!

If you?re able to do so, please consider helping us continue this mission! Our goal is a humble one, but important nonetheless: 42 individual donors by April 10th.

Any amount helps. At the end of the day it?s the number of donors ? NOT the dollar amount ? that?s the true barometer of our program?s impact.

We hope you?ll be a part of it!

Pete Jacobson

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