Aslanian named to Journal News All-Star 2nd Team

Trey Aslanian

Sophomore and NYS Finalist Trey Aslanian (103 lbs) was named to the 2010 – 2011 Journal News All-Stars 2nd Team for Westchester and Rockland Counties. Way to go, Trey!

Here is the blog posting:



First team:?Dylan Realbuto, Somers

Second team:?Nick Barbaria, New Rochelle

Honorable mention:?None

Not really too much to say about this one. Realbuto placed second at states, while Barbaria took third at sectionals behind North Rockland?s Blaise Benderoth.


First team:?Mike Parise, Brewster

Second team:?Trey Aslanian, Edgemont

Honorable mention:?Alex Delacruz, Ossining

This was one of the more difficult decisions on either all-star team. Aslanian looked great through three rounds at states and came away with a second-place finish in Division 2, while Parise made it to states on a wild card berth after losing in the final seconds at sectionals to eventual state champ Jimmy Duckham. Both had outstanding seasons, but the ultimate difference for me was Parise?s 5-2 win over Aslanian at Eastern States. Had Aslanian won a state title I would have had to go with him, but with there being somewhat of a drop off from D1 to D2, I went with Parise based on the head-to-head win.


First team:?Sam Speno, Fox Lane

Second team:?Drew Longo, Ardsley

Honorable mention:?None

This one basically picked itself. Speno placed second at states and was the man in this weight class all season.


First team:?Danny Ventura, Fox Lane

Second team:?Jimmy Kyreakedes, Dobbs Ferry

Honorable mention:?A.J. Barbaria, New Rochelle; Jimmy Duncan, Brewster

With Oliveto being a Rockland-guy, I was spared having to choose between him and Ventura. As a second-place finisher at states, Ventura clearly deserves the top spot. Kyreakedes placed at states in D2, so he was the pick for second-team.


First team:?Peter Grippi, Fox Lane

Second team:?Hunter Jones, New Rochelle

Honorable mention:?David Occhipinti, Croton-Harmon; Justin Seim, Hackley; Jake Srednicki, Mahopac

Grippi had to be the first-team guy after placing second to a Rockland wrestler at sectionals (Artrip), but the tougher decision came for the second-team spot. Occhipinti was a section champ in D2, but Jones placed third at sectionals in D1 and seemed to have gone up against stronger competition all season. He gets the slight nod for his body of work.


First team:?Steven Rodrigues, Fox Lane/Ryan Osleeb, North Salem

Second team:?James Kelly, John Jay

Honorable mention:?Joe Caporale, Carmel; Brett Pastore, Irvington

I basically explained this one above. Kelly gets the second-team spot for placing second at sectionals.


First team:?Brian Realbuto, Somers

Second team:?Tony Ferranti, Westlake

Honorable mention:?Tom Grippi, Fox Lane; Chris Pecora, Carmel; Ben Miller, Mamaroneck

Another pretty clear choice.


First team:?Steve Pagliucca, Mahopac

Second team:?Mark Swertfager, John Jay

Honorable mention:?Eusebio Moronta, White Plains; Joe Mastro, Yorktown

Pagliucca beat Swertfager for a section title, so that pretty much made the decision for me.


First team:?Rino DeVita, Somers

Second team:?Matt Pasqualini, Fox Lane

Honorable mention:?Edgar Solis, Westlake; Jay Smith, John Jay; Donovan McSorely, Rye

DeVita?s the section champ, so he?s the pick.


First team:?Phil Siegel, Hen Hud

Second team:?Ben Hofling, Sleepy Hollow

Honorable mention:?Ignacio Mejias, Hackley; Max Josephson, Port Chester

Siegel seemed to improve as the year wore on, and he showed up at sectional time to place second. Hofling also had a nice tournament, placing fourth (the first and third place guys were from Dutchess).


First team:?Aaron Butler, New Rochelle

Second team:?Shaquille Charles, Ardsley

Honorable mention:?Dondrey Sharrock, Sleepy Hollow; Tom Viento, Mahopac; Harry Erickson, Brewster

Butler was the obvious choice as a section champ, while Charles gets the slight nod over Sharrock because of his head-to-head win at the Super 16.


First team:?Jacob Berkowitz, Scarsdale

Second team:?John Grecco, Fox Lane

Honorable mention:?Nate Tamura, Irvington; Scott Wymbs, Horace Greeley; Jack Braun, Scarsdale

In what turned out to be one of the deeper weight classes in the section, Berkowitz emerged as the man with a section title.


First team:?Mike Spinelli, Mahopac

Second team:?Wyatt Gilchrist, John Jay

Honorable mention:?Ray Messinger, Putnam Valley

While the top two guys (Joe Cummings and Scott Bova) came from Rockland and Dutchess, Spinelli?s third place finish at sectionals made him the choice. He looks like a section title contender for next season.


First team:?Lucas Myer, John Jay

Second team:?Amos Pierrette, Woodlands

Honorable mention:?Nick Coco, Eastchester; Tyler Lilly, New Rochelle; Dan Panken, Ossining

Both Myer and Pierrette were section champs, but Myer gets the top spot for facing tougher competition throughout the season and winning it in D1.


First team:?Malcolm Allen, New Rochelle

Second team:?Andy Scopino, Mahopac

Honorable mention:?Chris DiNardo, Irvington; Sean Barry, Hen Hud

This was another difficult choice. Scopino has head-to-head wins over Allen, but there just wasn?t any way I could not have a state champ as my first-teamer. As I said with the Parise-Aslanian debate, I usually would defer to the head-to-head results, except when it comes to a state champ.