Edgemont Wrestling Updates its "Philosophy Statement"

Edgemont Wrestling Philosophy Statement

Edgemont Wrestling?s mission is to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to develop skills to make them successful in wrestling, academics and life; to develop work ethic though disciplined effort and personal sacrifice; to gain the determination to handle adversity and achieve any goal; to build confidence by persevering through the highs and lows of competition and by pushing themselves beyond their perceived limits; to instill accountability by holding each student-athlete responsible for their own actions; to learn commitment through an understanding of what it means to be truly dedicated to achieving individual and team-oriented goals; and to hone leadership by modeling good decision-making and exhibiting sportsmanship, respect and class.

Edgemont Wrestling works to develop student-athletes who always strive for excellence, never settling for mediocrity. Success is not defined by victories or defeats, but rather by personal growth and the continual effort to reach one?s?potential on the mat and off. This mission is accomplished through a rigorous program, exacting standards and a dedicated coaching staff of role models that embody these ideals and believe deeply in this philosophy.