Modified and Youth programs thriving!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.23.13 PMWe spend so much time talking about our varsity guys, it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the reason our program is so successful is because of the concerted of efforts of our wrestlers, parents and coaches at all levels.

One of the greatest things that sets our program apart from any other athletic program at Edgemont or any other wrestling program in the area is our view that we are not a wrestling “team” – we are a wrestling “program.”

From our 2nd graders on our youth team to our post-grads competing in college and our alumni that come back as coaches – we have all worked so hard to create a cohesive, coordinated and united program from top to bottom. To fulfill our mission of “building Champions on the mat and in life,” we work hard to build a culture and develop values in our wrestlers from the bottom up.

I love telling anyone who will listen that we have THE best coaching staff in NYS and that is absolutely true at all levels.

Mike Mitchell who runs our youth program does such an amazing job that we were up to 59 kids in our youth program this year, grades 2 to 6. More than we’ve ever had before and a testament not only to Mike and the program he runs but to all the kids involved and the environment we created for them!

Our modified team is no different. Jedd Chesterson and Rob Breitenbach have been getting better and better each year helping our wrestlers make the transition on the modified team from youth wrestling in 6th grade to varsity wrestling in 9th. We couldn’t ask for a better feeder situation for our varsity team. Similar to our youth team, actions speak louder than words. We had been struggling with the numbers on our modified team the past two years having rosters of 6 or 7 kids. This year however, a lot of the hard work by our coaches started to pay off! We had 18 kids on our modified roster this year – the largest we’ve had in years and are fired up about the future for these kids!

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and speak so glowingly of our staff because I know the effort they put in, but I figured we could show you much better than I could tell you, so please check out these quick videos we have about our youth and modified teams and see for yourself! (More importantly – PLEASE feel free to forward either or both of these videos to any parents, kids or friends that might be interested next year!)

Edgemont Youth Wrestling

Edgemont Modified Wrestling