State Championships update!

Wow – what a great couple of weeks it?s been!

The State Championships are coming up this weekend (full details below!), but figured I?d start off giving you a quick update.

Training Update

As the excitement from Sectionals subsides each year, we get to focus in on preparing our State Qualifiers to take on the best in New York State at the State Championships. As you know, this year, junior Nick Meglino will be representing Edgemont and Section 1 in Albany at 170 pounds.

Nick has been working incredibly hard over the past couple of weeks (as he has for the past year!), to prepare for this opportunity. And I?m happy to tell you: he?s looking GREAT!

He?s been getting a mix of individual workouts with our coaches, Section 1 State Team practices and strength and conditioning sessions to really help him be at the top of his game. It?s always really satisfying to watch how much our kids improve over the two weeks between Sectionals and States. While it?s easy for outsiders to think “how much can one really improve in just two weeks,? I can tell you it?s quite a lot!

When we?re able to focus individual attention on our athletes and customize their workouts and training plan around making them the best they can be, it?s pretty cool to see what a difference just two weeks can make.

Like everything else in our program, though, it?s been a true team effort. Our coaching staff has taken the time to scout Nick?s entire weight class and develop game plans specific to Nick for each of his possible opponents. We?ve had different coaches as workout partners for Nick each day who have had him get focussed reps on the positions and situations that will have the biggest impact on his performance in Albany. We?ve developed a customized strength, conditioning and recovery plan to help him be at his best for each workout and for the tournament. It doesn?t stop there either: between Nick?s family, doctors, coaches and teammates there are literally dozens of people helping him be the best he can be. And, of course, Nicky deserves the bulk of the credit for showing up, doing the work, never complaining and having a great attitude throughout!

I?ll share one other anecdote that I think really demonstrates exactly what I mean by team effort:

So last Thursday evening, the Edgemont girls basketball team had earned the opportunity to host the first round of their Sectionals at Edgemont at 6 PM. In an effort to support them, virtually our entire team showed up to cheer them on. (I?m happy to report they were the most enthusiastic fans in the gym and decked out in Edgemont Wrestling apparel!). Nicky (and myself) were unfortunately unable to attend. We returned back to Edgemont from the Section 1 State Team practice around 7 PM and then Nicky had to get in a strength and conditioning workout in in our weight room.

I?ll be the first to tell you, this was a GRUELING workout we were putting him through that night – I?m sure it wasn?t fun. Well, our team knew that Nicky was busting his butt in the weight room while they were watching the game, so as soon as the game ended (we won an exciting last minute victory! #PantherTough!), our whole team filed into the weight room, dressed in their Edgemont Wrestling gear, and proceeded to cheer, clap, scream and support Nicky for the last 10 minutes of his ?torture session.? It was amazing to watch and I could see how it helped Nicky to finish strong!

It?s not something that anyone did for ?credit? and it?s not something most of the world would ever even know about, but it is just another of hundreds of examples of how our team supports one another and how everyone plays an important role in the success of everyone else. We all do it together!

The details

The State Championships starts Friday morning at 9:30 AM at Albany?s Times Union Center.

The Times Union Center is located at:

51 South Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12207

Tickets to the tournament can be purchased ahead of time (recommended – so you don’t get stuck on line) at:

Tickets are general admission, but the Edgemont contingent will *probably* be in Section 121.

Tournament Schedule:

Friday, February 23

8:30 am???????? Gates Open

9:30 am?.??????? Parade of Champions/National Anthem

10 am ? 2 pm?..?.??? Preliminaries: Division 1 and 2

2 pm ? 4 pm??..????Quarterfinals: Division 1 and 2

4 pm ? 8 pm?..?????Wrestlebacks: Division 1 and 2

Saturday, February 24

8:30 am???????? Gates Open

9:30 am???????? National Anthem/Special Awards

10 am ? 12:30 pm???.. Semifinals: Division 1 and 2

Wrestlebacks: Division 1 and 2

12:30 ? 2:00 pm????.. Wrestlebacks/Cons Semifinals: Div. 1 & 2

2 pm ? 3:30 pm?????Consolations Finals: Division 1 and 2

Saturday, February 24

5 pm???????? Gates Open

5:50 pm??????… Ceremonies Begin

6:30 pm.…………………… FINALS: Division 1 and 2 (2 mats only)

Hope to see a lot of you this weekend – please let me know if you?re coming up!

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Peter Jacobson
Head Coach
Edgemont Wrestling