Wrestler Trey Aslanian named "Varsity Athlete of the Month" by The Edgemont Campus

Trey Aslanian

Sophomore Captain Trey Aslanian was today named “Varsity Athlete of the Month” by Edgemont High School’s newspaper, Campus.

Varsity Athlete of the Month: Trey Aslanian

by Emily Schloss

Trey Aslanian is one of the wrestling team’s star athletes. His dad, who also wrestled from an early age, signed his son up for a youth wrestling club when Trey was in 4th grade. It was during those early days when Trey’s love for the sport blossomed. “When you wrestle, whether you win or lose, it’s all on you, and you can go as far as you want with hard work.” he said. Trey is the reigning section champion and has placed fifth at the state championships.

Trey believes that this year’s varsity team has the potential to go all the way. He says the sophomores this year are especially capable, along with talented freshman and juniors. More than ever, the team has the potential to take the state title.

When asked what makes the team great, Trey replied, “The coaches. We are the best coached team in the section.” Hopefully, along with the coaches and other talented wrestlers, Trey’s abilities will bring the team to victory.?


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